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Buddhist Meditation Techniques for Emotional, Mental and Physical Wellness

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About Me…

Myself Mahesh Thacker born on 1970 at Raipur, Chattishgarh. From my childhood I was least interested about social and materialistic life. All social things was very unrealistic for me . I completed my study in Raipur only. By that time there was an incident happened which changed my thought process and a deep thought meditate on my mind that was a based of my spiritual journey. That incidence was like that my elder brother got a lovely and healthy baby girl. She was quite healthy by birth one day when she was only nine month old she  fall down

while Playing. From that day her mental and physical growth got stagnant it was very stunting for all of us. We tried a lot to get her health, we went through all kind of treatment allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic and lots of other optional treatment we never ignore any kind of treatment we tired all but unfortunately there was no positive result. Since from that time lots of irresolvable question from my mind entered on deep of my heart. After so much progress of medical science still we have some problem unsolvable. At last after a long battle we lost our angel at the age of eight. This Incidence shaken my inner conscious and a deep thought made me thinking that this objective science have no answer of few deep problems of lives if have then its very limited. That time I was only 16 yrs old, this incident deeply impact me and I lost

interest on study and just for sake of my father I completed my bachelor degree in commercial & industrial account which is similar to B.B.A. But my education is not used by me on my routine life Some how destiny wants something different from me.

My Destiny gave me the opportunity to meet few good spiritual leader while roaming around by carrying few deeper questions of life. Since from my interest grown up towards yoga, karma, dhyana and study of secrets of life. On 1991 I had first time listen Osho, his speech was based on dhamma pada listened & Osho’s those word “like lord Buddha himachalit himalaya” awaken my inner awareness(smruti), since onwards I feel I am getting spiritual help practically and invisibly through out my life still now I am having the same feeling with me.

At 1994, I got sanyas diksha from Maa Dharmajyoti and I got new name swami Aantar santosh. From the very early age I was very much interested about to know human psychology and spiritual secrets that interested built my inner conscious as a practical conscious. One mantra of Bhagwan shree almighty “five body, five thousand disease and the only solution is Meditation” pointing my mind to concentrate on meditation therapi. In this spiritual journey fortunately bonding made me strong. I feel like practically or impractically nature inspiring me and helping me out. After few days I met a enlighten master at anjar(kutch) his name is shree Arunbhai bhatt. He have the practical knowledge of spiritual inner science or subjective science. That was a turning point of my life and I got involved thoroughly  in practical meditation therapies.

After long search ultimately I established that  ancient Aalay science as zen therapi in a very simple and easiest form for human beings. I stared my meditation therapi based on osho’s inspiring spiritual speech “shanyasee should be work on meditation therapi through scientific vision with spiritual heart”. I work for physical, mental and psychometric disease since last 15 years. Without medicines I got better results on so many incurable diseases.

Combination of scientific vision and a spiritual heart will able to give birth of a complete treatment. This though make people sure about meditation therapi. In between I studied World’s famous Psychologists like Arthur Janov, Wilhelm Reich, Sigmon fried, Karl jung their deep study of inner science and the knowledgeable of Indian philosopher like Buddha, Krishna, Shiva, many sages, study of Upanishada and Tao, bodhidharma, patanjali etc.

Origin of Zen therapies is a combination between western psychology and eastern philosophy. I am very much thankful to swami Dhyandhiraj who has always help me out in all aspects like physicaly, mentally and monitory basis.

This meditation therapi rediscovered by me but all human being have their rights on it. This therapi is like open sky, for all as sky has no limit it’s for all and everywhere likewise this mediation therapi is everywhere for every one like unlimited sky given by God.

Lord Buddha

Shree Arunbhai Bhatt

Bhagwan Shree