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Buddhist Meditation Techniques for Emotional, Mental and Physical Wellness

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Zen word is related to Buddhist tradition. Its history goes to biography of Lord Gautam Buddha. The inner spirituality sprouted while Gautam Buddha came back to his social life because of his kindness and stared distribute over materialistic things which he was gained.

By that time the local language is called Paalee. In Paalee language people never pronounced word “dh”, hence they use word “cha” instead of word “dh”. That’s why “Dhyan” word is pronounced as “chan”. Times goes on and very soon Buddhism spread out. While the thirty-sixth spiritual leader of Buddhist Bodhidharma went to china from India then worked “chan” once again changed and the new word is use to call as “zaan” or “zen”.

Zen=meditation & therapies= treatment = treatment through meditation. In Zen tradition we found an awesome characteristic combination of two great enlighten master. They two are Gautam Buddha himself and the same time Lao-Tzu or Tao from china. Zen tradition was born by the combination of awareness from Gautam Buddha and simplicity from Lao-Tzu.



Aalay science is based on four sheer truth (Aarya Satya) of lord Buddha

• Misery is there

• There must be some reason of misery

• Have conclusion of all miseries

• Life without misery is possible

Zen therapi is based on those four truth and three moral vision towards life such are

• Simplicity toward life

• Awareness towards life

• Acceptance for life

Aalay science is not only Psychology but it is something beyond Psychology.As per as Aalay science fear of death is the basic reason of all kind of misery ness, sadness, pain & illness. Fear of death is the root cause of all kind of disease. Fear entered on our body through our unconscious mind. Through the different patterns of Aalay science we could recover from this fear of unconscious mind. And though this fabulous Aalay science we could lead a healthy and peaceful life forever.

Lord Buddha first uses this meditation therapi for treatment and gave the name as “Aalay science”. Aalay science means growth of inner consciousness. Lord Buddha says each and every problem of human beings are co-related to their conscious. This stage would be transform through Aalay science for this transformation physical body to prana body ,prana body to mental body, mental body to chit and chit to purity of sensual body.