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Buddhist Meditation Techniques for Emotional, Mental and Physical Wellness

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For completed these four steps its necessary to go through different types of yogic and psychological methods. In terms of this aspects here is given below the details of those methods.


1) ZEN PRIMAL  RE-BIRTHING (PRIMAL SCREAM):  Few Incidences which happened in our past life impact us deeply because of that incidence lots of negative impression appears on outer surfaces of our body. In this process we reject those negativity. In terms of Aalay science after maturity of unconsciously, how we will be in future its complete diagram from at our first 7 years of age. Lots of questions, problems, wound, pain and constant obstacles in present these all hammering things co-related to our first 7 years. In this process steps wise we use instruction of pratigaman-rebirth- Gesalt therapi as per patanjali(karmanirjara). We inspire and touch the sensitivity of complete ability to leave the life. In result we achieve the complete positive ability back once again. This is the very effective process where we would convert our negative energy to positive energy.

2) ZEN BODY & MIND BALANCING: we can say it’s an art to recall our forgotten sensible moment to our physical body and mental body through relaxation according deepest Buddha tradition. In this process we should keep our physical body and mental body in deep relaxation after that we keep foundation to know the root cause of the illness through touching words.

3) ZEN PAST LIFE REGRESSION OR P.L.R : According to the Buddha and Indian philosophy the root cause of many problems of human being is situated deeply on their unconscious mind . In this process we have to go thoroughly deep of the unconscious mind to know the causes of illness and there we should be like an observer. Once we visualize all past moment of life we can over  come from many incurable disease. And a new creative foundation built on the unconscious mind of the person for betterment of their life.