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Buddhist Meditation Techniques for Emotional, Mental and Physical Wellness

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Zen believes that for complete healthy body, mind and senses we have to know each and every moment of a fetus while he is in the womb of a mother it is necessary to know in term of scientifically and spiritually too for each and every human being. And we all have to work for this in a new direction with positive vision.

Zen believes that the mother’s mental states impacts deeply on fetus mind while he is in her womb, and that impression time to time appear after birth till through out the life. To keep this sheer truth in our mind if we all try to understand the mental status of a pregnant lady and willing to transform her mind in positive manner then definitely we will be able to create a healthy and pleasant social atmosphere for all of us. But its not a one man show I humble request and invite you all to join me in this path to make a sound society which is given us by almighty.



As per the old methodology we all know that birth of a child is very painful for a lady its natural and it must be like that but Aalay science says delivery could be painless if mother will co-operate and have to be supportive, if she never oppose the natural process right of the moment she should be fearless and fully concentrate on that natural charisma that will be a painless and pleasant delivery.For the betterment of child’s future we should keep a healthy fearless stable and creative vision> it will be helpful for a better generation just not for a limited area but for each and every corner of the world.


Mostly people have a negative aspect towards hypnosis, but because of creative addition of Zen the vision of all has changed towards hypnosis. The Zen uses this technique to transform solely positivity in lives and to solve lots of irresolvable problems of life in a great way. Thats why the great Osho uses this word dehypnosis instead of hypnosis.

And he says that to keep ourselves healthy there must be a strong bonding between dehypnosis and meditation. It’s a powerful tool to remove all kind of illness through out the life. Through this therapi we got a deep peace, in between there are few chemical transformation happening on our body which is very much effective to build our metabolic ability stronger. And after this definitely we keep ourselves healthy through out the life. This is possible only to go though perfect Zen dehypnosis meditation therapi. Now this therapi is know as Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.) as per modern science.